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King Cain Solicitors have been a member of the Bathurst community in various guises for many decades.

Founding Partner Peter Cain first became involved with the firm in or around 1967 when he came to live in Bathurst having been appointed as an Assistant Clerk of Petty Sessions at the Court House in Bathurst.

The firm was known as Peacocke & Peacocke in 1967 though had been in operation for many years prior to this.  The Practice was first carried out by Mr Hawker, Mr Peter Peacocke and his brother Gerald who has the impressive full name of Gerald Beresford Ponsonby Peacocke.  Mr Hawker retired from the Practice which was then conducted by Peter and Gerald Peacocke for some years and then Mr Peter Peacocke went to set up a firm at Dubbo.

Mr Gerald Peacocke later became a Member of Parliament.
Mr Cain replaced Mr John King at the LocalCourt (of Petty Sessions), who at that time had been appointed the Clerk of the Court at Forbes.  A short time later Mr King resigned from the Justice Department and came to work at Messrs Peacocke & Peacocke.

Mr Peacocke then moved from the Bathurst Practice to the Practice at Dubbo and Mr King purchased the whole of the business formerly conducted by Peacocke Dickens & King at Bathurst.  The other members of the firm retained the business at Dubbo.  The firm at Dubbo still exists.

When Mr Cain came to work with John King, they were the only Solicitors.  Mr Cain became a partner in 1973 the firms name was changed from JH King to JH King & Cain.

In 1974 Mr David Richardson who was a partner in a Practice in Sydney came to work as an employed Solicitor.   He later became a partner.  When Mr Richardson became a partner the firm became known as JH King Cain & Richardson.

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