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"Lewis Dunn"

I was referred to King Cain Solicitors by a business associate who said they were proactive in what they did.
I have been seeing King Cain for my legal matters for about 4 years, and there is no need to go elsewhere. In our business it’s about building long term relationships with our customers. We also try to foster long term relationships with our preferred suppliers. We believe we have that type of strong relationship with King Cain and Jim Matthews [solicitor].
We have a good thing with Jim- its not a revolving door like you get with medical practices. Jim is our solicitor and that’s that.
Jim has an acute understanding about our business and personal affairs and has walked me through the different processes. Jim has been proactive with us and we have formed a good working relationship. He understands that I am pragmatic and he is able to explain our position with regards to different facets of the law in a plain and simple manner.
I have a lot of time for Jim and I take his advice.

"Chereen Wilson"

I came to King Cain and in particular Matthew Oakley on the advice from my family. I was going through a particularly difficult time to the point I was willing to walk away and give him (ex partner) the lot.
The biggest callout from my experience in dealing with the firm was the constant contact. I was always able to speak to someone which alleviated the stress I was experiencing at the time. When something blows up – particularly in a legal matter – you want to speak to someone. If I was unable to speak to Matthew there was always someone within the team who was happy to help.
Through their help I ended up getting what I wanted. Everything was fantastic -they gave me peace of mind and made the whole experience much easier.

"Lesley Coates"

I came and saw Matthew Oakley and the team at King Cain after I had separated and knew that divorce was on the cards.
Before choosing a Solicitor I asked around and the overwhelming consensus was King Cain and in particular Matthew Oakley as he was extremely good at what he did.
He was amazing. He provided an incredible support throughout a difficult journey where I sometimes felt overwhelmed to the point of giving up. The entire team made it so much easier.
I wouldn’t be where I am now without their hard work.
I am now financially secure, own my home and acreage in the peace and quiet and living the good life. They made everything so easy and I will always be so grateful.

"Liz Luisi"

I was constantly chasing people whilst buying my business but King Cain wasn’t one of them. Everything they did was in a timely manner and very professional. They followed up on everything and all paperwork was concise and quick.

"About Us Copy"

"About Us Copy"

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