• Catriona Gibson

    Finance Officer

Catriona has been with King Cain since 2015, and does all things accounts (perhaps we should call her ‘The Money’). Whilst this is her first role in a law firm Catriona is an old hand in the accounts field, having worked in one accounts role or another, across a range of industries, for more than 18 years.

Without boring you with all of the things Catriona does in her day, you should know that if you have a money query or need to pay an account you’re probably going to speak with her and she can point you in the right direction. She really loves engaging with our clients and the general public, and helping them to move through their legal matter as quickly as possible.

When she’s not at King Cain, Catriona just loves being in the moment. Mostly that’s about spending time with her children and her grand-children, a wine or two with friends and enjoying those special times on holiday exploring new horizons.

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