• Michelle Tolmie


Michelle joined King Cain in 2018, working as a solicitor with the family law team. She assist her clients to resolve divorce, children and property matters following a relationship breakdown.

Michelle understands the challenges people face and have to overcome as they come to terms with the ending of a long term relationship. Afterall, she deals with it every single day. She understands how important it is for you to settle any childrens issues where they exist and finalise any property settlement. She understands the only way to really get on with life is to have those matters dealt with and behind you. And that’s what she’s here to help you do.

When she’s not at King Cain, Michelle (the bookworm) Tolmie is likely to be nose deep in her latest novel, soaking up a good documentary (very educational), or out and about focusing on fitness by walking, running or shopping.


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