• Paul Carver

    Partner | Solicitor

Paul has spent his entire legal career, spanning more than 30 years, working with small to medium sized businesses, helping them navigate the challenges of operating in today’s business environment. His insightful advice and support has facilitated growth and longevity for many of his clients.

Whilst his expertise spans several areas of the law, his specialisation and passion is in working with small business. In his words “I love working with them, because for the most part, the just so down to earth…like me.”

As a Business Accredited Specialist, a specialist designation only awarded to the very best lawyers, he takes a pragmatic approach to his small business clients. He works proactively with his clients to ensure they avoid some of the most common and destructive risks faced by small businesses, whilst helping them in a reactive sense to overcome instances where such risks have been realised.

Paul is well aware that businesses need a flexible approach when it comes to accessing legal services, and often can’t wait weeks to speak with a lawyer – you need help when you need help. As a result, his team have put together a range of options focused just on their unique challenges, with solutions designed just for them.

If you would like to schedule a time to discuss your business challenges with Paul contact his team on (02) 6333 4400.


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