• Sharon Brunton

    Legal Secretary

Sharon is one of the the longest serving members of the King Cain team, having commenced with the firm in 1993. During her time with the firm Sharon has worked on reception and in the areas of family law, conveyancing, wills & estates.

These days Sharon is the resident expert (apart from the solicitors) in administering deceased estates, something she takes very seriously. Usually, when clients come to her, they have recently lost a loved one. Sharon has a way of taking those clients by the hand, understanding they are dealing with stress and coming to terms with their loss, and compassionately guides them through the Probate process – something which can be particularly daunting for our older clients.

When Sharon downs tools you’ll probably find her with a set of skis strapped to her feet, standing behind a boat travelling at Mach 3, with her hair on fire (her hair is actually not on fire). Also, Sharon (The Rainmaker) Brunton loves camping in the rain with her family and friends. In fact, if you need rain on your farm, Sharon and her family will come and camp on your property for a small fee.


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