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The importance of a well thought out estate plan is crucial to ensure the longevity of the wealth you have worked hard to create. People often get confused between planning for their retirement generally and planning their estate. Often people get stuck thinking about legal loop holes, whether they’re entitled to certain government benefits or general tax issues.

The technical requirements of estate planning are very important but the essence of estate planning is a personal involvement in the planning process by you. The process of planning a well-structured estate plan not only involves technical issues but other personal matters which may take precedence over technical issues such as tax, etc.

People lose sleep over the things like “what am I going to do about my no-hoper son?” rather than “does the tax law stop me from doing certain things?”

At King Cain, our estate planning process focuses on you and your families’ lives rather than merely “what’s going to happen when I’m gone”.

We understand that unless the technical issues in estate planning are dealt with as a whole with other matters, the outcomes will rarely be what you intended. Carefully planning the transfer of family assets to be distributed amongst family members ensuring dependants are properly cared for and that property is fairly divided can be a difficult task, but one that King Cain helps you understand.

We can assist you with estate planning or on any legal matter. If you have a matter you wish to discuss feel free to phone Paul Carver  on (02) 6333 4400 or call into our office at Level 1  Suite 4  90 Keppel st., (cnr Keppel & Bentinck streets) Bathurst NSW 2795

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