• Disputing a Will

When someone close to you dies, it is always a difficult time. What’s often more upsetting is to discover that the deceased has not left you a fair share of their estate.

There are very good reasons why someone should contest a Will. For example, the law allows family members, de facto and same sex partners or anyone else who can show they were financially dependant on the deceased to challenge a Will if they believe the Will to be unfair.

Wills can also be challenged if the deceased lacked the mental capacity to understand what they were signing or where they may have been influenced to sign a Will that did not reflect their wishes.

As the Executor of an estate, you may have received a Notice of an intention to dispute a Will.  You must seek legal advice immediately if you have received a Notice like this.

At King Cain, we have a number of experienced lawyers to work with you and advise of the legal options and avenues available.

It is essential that you obtain legal advice without delay as there are strict time limits in making claims.  The time limit that applies to your claim may vary.


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