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Your Resolution Pathway

  • Overview


    It is common for individuals to be anxious about what lay ahead in finding resolution to their family law challenges.

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  • Initial Consultation

    Initial Consultation

    Book a time to meet with one of our Family Law experts for an initial consultation.

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  • Fact Finding & Disclosure

    Fact Finding & Disclosure

    Determine the financial position of the relationship.

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  • Negotiation & Mediation

    Negotiation & Mediation

    Begin negotiating an outcome with your former partner.

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  • Commence Proceedings

    Commence Proceedings

    If you have been unsuccessful in settling your dispute with your former spouse the next step is to commence proceedings.

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  • Directions Hearing

    Directions Hearing

    Your first Court appearance will be what is typically referred to as a ‘Directions Hearing’.

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  • Concillation


    Agree on the terms of settlement

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  • Final Hearing

    Final Hearing

    If you’ve been unable to settle your dispute then it’s off to Court one final time.

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  • Court Orders

    Court Orders

    Following any hearing the Court will make Orders.

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  • Completion


    Ensure Orders are complied with so you can get on with the rest of your life.

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