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Your Resolution Pathway

  • Overview

    Planning for your succession, in business or in life, is one of the most critical things you can do

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  • Identify, Plan & Discuss

    Run various likely scenarios and identify your wishes in each scenario

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  • Determine Appointments

    Who are those people whom you trust to best represent and carry out your wishes

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  • Make A Will

    Talk with your lawyer and make a will which address your wishes in relation to your life scenarios

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  • Make Changes

    As your life situations change you should periodically revisit your Will to ensure it meets your constantly changing world

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  • Major Life Event

    A major life event is often a trigger. When incapacity or death occur it is important to reference the Will.

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  • Probate

    Following death the court needs to grant Probate before the wishes of a Will can be carried out.

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  • Administration

    The Administration of a Will is the process whereby the wishes of the deceased are carried out and the Estate is finalised.

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  • Final Distribution

    Once debts and obligations of the Estate have been settled, and where the Will is not being contested, the final distribution to beneficiaries can occur.

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