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Your Resolution Pathway

  • Overview

    Purchasing a property is a big investment. So plan big and manage your risk.

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  • Decide

    Will you buy or will you rent. That's the first decision in your purchase pathway.

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  • Research

    Thorough research is the key element in every property investment, whether you intend to occupy or rent the premises.

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  • Fund

    It is always best to have researched your finance options and secure finance before formally entering the market to purchase.

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  • Search & Select

    Identify a few properties which best meet your selection criteria before selecting one and making an offer.

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  • Review Contract

    At this stage of the process you should have your lawyer review the purchase contract to ensure your interests are represented and protected.

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  • Make an Offer

    Only when your certain with your selection and you have funds secured is it time to make an offer on your dream property.

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  • Negotiate & Exchange Contracts

    The offer gets the ball rolling. Often there'll be some negotiation before you reach agreement on the final deal. Then we can look to exchange contracts.

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  • Settlement

    Following the cooling off period specified in the contract settlement will almost always occur.

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