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Buying And Selling Your Home – The Fast Way

Buying and selling your home has been stuck in the past for too long.  The old way is slow and clunky and can result in errors being made, which turns the exciting exercise of buying or selling your

Making Your First Home More Affordable

Housing affordability is getting plenty of air time in the media at the moment. In fact, this week on the ABC’s ‘The Weekly’ it was reported that during this year alone more than 67,000 articles

Buying a Home? Show, But Does a Seller Have to Tell ?

Under the standard Contract for the Sale of Land, the Purchaser takes the property as it is.  For example, the Purchaser normally has little claim regarding quality issues, such as a ceiling fan that

Water Rights & Buying Rural Land

Confirming  that promises of water rights attach to rural land is extremely important when buying. Reliable supply of water is critical in this climate of drought and global warming, so when a p

Selling Your Property

If you’ve ever wondered what should be in an agency agreement after you have chosen and agent to help you sell your property, this might help.

The agreement must include:

full identification o

Ten Big Mistakes When Buying or Selling Real Estate

1.       Not properly identifying the property

Purchasers have been known to buy the wrong property, for example subdivision of featureless land where it can be very difficult to identify th

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