• Water Rights & Buying Rural Land

Confirming  that promises of water rights attach to rural land is extremely important when buying. Reliable supply of water is critical in this climate of drought and global warming, so when a permanent supply is promised, check it out.

Supply in the form of river or creek access is readily apparent, but the rights of others to the available water including irrigation or water pumping rights are important to check. If a property is marketed with a spring or a bore, always check that it is available to the property. More importantly, you must check that there is water in the spring or the bore and that they are still active. Remember that springs and bores can and do run dry, whether temporarily or permanently.

Even the question of power supply to any pump is critical. Nothing could be worse than having power access determined by the whim of an adjoining owner where access, whether above ground or underground, is over their property. Of course the issue of electricity access goes beyond just supply to pumps. It is critical to check that access, whether across a neighbour’s land or public land, is secured to the property you are interested in.

Similarly care must be taken about payment for water rights or water usage when buying rural property, particularly if the land in question has been leased or let on agistment.

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