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Are you confused and overwhelmed with knowing what to do next?

You started out to build a life with someone you loved with the intent it would see the distance. But things didn't work out as you hoped. And now your whole world has been turned on its head.

If that's you you need to know it's not uncommon to feel overwhelmed and confused.

It's not just the breakdown of the relationship that you need to work through. It's everything else which flows from it. What happens with your children? Who keeps which property and assets, or liabilities? How would you continue to operate a business you built or operated together? And importantly how do you get past this so you can get on with the rest of your life?

There is so much to think about and resolve.

Then there's the law to consider, what is called family law in Australia. And like anything you have a choice: you can engage a generalist lawyer to help you and more than likely you'll get a generalist outcome.

Or you can engage a specialist family lawyer to maximise your outcome.

And that's where we come in. Helping people rebuild their lives following a relationship breakdown is what we do....all day, every day.



Having recently finalized my divorce I want to thank Nicole and the team at King Cain. They made a very emotional time in my life a lot easier with their expert legal advice and genuine concern for me.

Any queries I had were dealt with on the same day and I was regularly updated with any developments as they happened, which was very reassuring.




“I came to King Cain Solicitors based on word of mouth from friends. In particular they spoke about Matthew Oakley as they had used him as their solicitor in the past and had good results. They commented that he was a ‘straight shooter’ and 100% there for his clients.

Throughout the journey Matthew helped by putting my mind at ease and took the worry off my shoulders which made it easier for me. He was there whenever I wanted to speak to him and if he wasn’t available at the time he would always get back to me within the hour.”



Having grown up and lived in many rural and remote areas Matthew was able to understand and readily relate to my situation.

His understanding of rural issues maximised the outcome I received. The other side weren’t aware of the specific things important in a farming business. Matthew did. That allowed us to plan our approach to my advantage.

I was given actual advice. But also a reason as to ‘why’. I was given options, the pros and cons of each and finally his recommendation.



“Matthew and the team were excellent at following up my concerns and made sure I understood. Legal issues can be a daunting experience and they didn’t leave me going away with any questions. They put everything in layman’s terms and made everything clear so that I understood the process and what was going on.”

Your Resolution Pathway

Your pathway to resolving a family law dispute begins by speaking with one of our friendly team and booking an initial consultation. Our job is to guide you through the complexities of family law and get you to you best resolution as quickly and inexpensively as possible.

Initial consultation

Here the focus is on understanding your unique situation & providing you with preliminary advice

Develop Your Strategy

Here we go deeper, through a process of disclosure, in order to can develop and advise a resolution strategy

negotiate a settlement

Whilst every situation is unique we aim to seek a resolution without the need to go to court

achieve a resolution

Our objective is to achieve a resolution in your favour which appropriately reflects your contribution



These are your experts.

How it works


get in

Reach out to our team and they will arrange a time suitable to you to meet with a family law expert


your initial appointment

At your initial appointment we will seek to understand where you're at and what you want and provide initial advice.


Determine next steps

We'll help you determine your next steps including whether you would like us to act for you as your family law expert.

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