Passport Challenges for Kids Whose Parents Have Separated or Divorced

Australians love travelling. In 2018, 11.1 million Australians returned to our shores following a short-term overseas trip. The most popular destination for overseas travel in 2018 was New Zealand wit

Kids and Passports

The False Economy In Family Law

What if the biggest cost in your family law matter was not your lawyer? What if the biggest cost was YOU?

Not possible? Think again.

The Collins Dictionary defines a ‘false economy’ as ‘an attem

Will Our Property Be Split 50/50 After We Separate?

One of the biggest family law myths is that all property assets will be divided 50/50 after separation. We wish it was that simple, but the truth is there are a number of factors which come into play

MYTH – Financial Assistance For Children Stops At 18 – BUSTED

A common myth about financial support for children is that it must cease when the child turns 18 years of age. Well, that’s not necessarily the case!

Often, parent carers and non-parent carers expe

My Ex Has The Kid’s Passports. What’s The Risk?

We all looked on in horror last year when 60 Minutes aired Sally Faulkner’s terrifying but true story of battle to bring her children home from Lebanon. This experience resulted in her, Tara Brown (

Why Where You Live After Separation Is Important

Where do I live now I’m separated? It’s one of those questions anyone who’s gone through a separation has to answer. It’s also one of those questions that typically needs to be answered in cir

Who can have a say about how your children are raised and who they spend time with? You may be surprised

Family disputes are not uncommon and can sometimes lead to parents, adult children or extended family members becoming estranged.
What if your parents or those of your spouse or even a former de fact

The Importance of Financial Protection in a De-facto Relationship – Binding Financial Agreements

Once the romance subsides, your relationship may not be the fairy tale you once imagined.

Many people who enter into a de facto relationship by moving in together for the first time may not think t

Family Law and the Family Farm

The breakdown of a marriage is ordinarily devastating on many fronts but it has special consequences when it involves an intergenerational family business such as the family farm.
A typical farming b

Tradie’s, Farmers and Family Business owners – this is for you

Many families are increasingly using more complex structures such as partnerships, companies and trusts to manage and protect their wealth often as part of succession planning for their children’s f

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