Will You Pay The Tax Man Twice When Separating?

If you have:

– A house;
– A car, boat or caravan;
– Superannuation;
– Shares; or
– A business

The answer is ‘yes’ if you don’t get the right advice.

Many people are unaware that the simpl

5 Top Tips for Negotiating Parenting Agreements after Separation

A relationship breakdown often creates a highly emotionally charged environment, but throw your children into the mix it can become downright volatile. In these circumstances, a lack of objectivity ca

Shared Parenting – The Myths and the Reality

Shared parenting is emerging as the better option for co-parenting children with the Courts moving away from the alternate weekend “visitation” schedule.

There are myths and realities to shared

Are You Separated But Just Don’t Know it?

In a recent case, the husband’s Application for Divorce filed in December claiming that he and his wife had separated 18 months earlier when he moved out of the home was refused.  His wife had fil

Do Parenting Arrangements Affect Your Property Entitlements?

Well the short answer is yes.

In most relationships there is a division of roles, duties and responsibilities.  Parties choose to live in a way which will advance their interests either individual

A Sting in the Tail – Informal Family Law Property Settlements

You and your former spouse or de-facto have separated, possibly resolved children’s matters and come to an agreement to divide your joint property.

You may even have had the assistance of a Media

Free Family Law Mediation Can Cost You More Than You Think

It is not only a good idea but the Family Law Act requires a separating couple to make a genuine effort to negotiate a settlement of all issues (children and property) prior to any Court action being

Separated, But Still Living Under The One Roof?

Before you can apply for a divorce you have to be able to establish for the Family Court that your marriage has irretrievably broken down.

That ground is established if the Court is satisfied that:

Your Separation Action Plan

Part 1 – Emergency Financial Action

A relationship breakdown can be very difficult with high levels of stress and anxiety. This can be the case even if you are the one who instigated the separati

Is Your Inheritance Safe From Divorce ?

Just how an inheritance or prospective inheritance will be treated in the event that you and your partner separate will vary in each individual case from being not relevant at all, to being included i

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