The False Economy In Family Law

What if the biggest cost in your family law matter was not your lawyer? What if the biggest cost was YOU?

Not possible? Think again.

The Collins Dictionary defines a ‘false economy’ as ‘an attem

Will Our Property Be Split 50/50 After We Separate?

One of the biggest family law myths is that all property assets will be divided 50/50 after separation. We wish it was that simple, but the truth is there are a number of factors which come into play

The Importance of Financial Protection in a De-facto Relationship – Binding Financial Agreements

Once the romance subsides, your relationship may not be the fairy tale you once imagined.

Many people who enter into a de facto relationship by moving in together for the first time may not think t

Family Law and the Family Farm

The breakdown of a marriage is ordinarily devastating on many fronts but it has special consequences when it involves an intergenerational family business such as the family farm.
A typical farming b

Will You Pay The Tax Man Twice When Separating?

If you have:

– A house;
– A car, boat or caravan;
– Superannuation;
– Shares; or
– A business

The answer is ‘yes’ if you don’t get the right advice.

Many people are unaware that the simpl

Do Parenting Arrangements Affect Your Property Entitlements?

Well the short answer is yes.

In most relationships there is a division of roles, duties and responsibilities.  Parties choose to live in a way which will advance their interests either individual

A Sting in the Tail – Informal Family Law Property Settlements

You and your former spouse or de-facto have separated, possibly resolved children’s matters and come to an agreement to divide your joint property.

You may even have had the assistance of a Media

Free Family Law Mediation Can Cost You More Than You Think

It is not only a good idea but the Family Law Act requires a separating couple to make a genuine effort to negotiate a settlement of all issues (children and property) prior to any Court action being

Property Settlement for Defacto Couples


If you are in a defacto relationship then the date that you and your partner separated is critically important.

If you separated on or after 1 March 2009 then the Family Law Act applies.  Yo

Property Settlement for Married Couples

If you re married, the division of your property between you and your spouse is covered by the Family Law Act.   It does not apply to defacto relationships unless defacto couples have separated on o

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