Succession Planning

Planning your future is essential. As Benjamin Franklin famously said “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”. Estate Planning is no different.

Estate Planning is more than just having a Will a

Deceased Estates

When an individual dies their property and possessions are known as the Deceased Estate. This will include their real estate holdings, bank deposits, shares, cash, their personal possessions and any o


Probate is an official sounding term which refers to an order made by the court which confirms:

The Will of the deceased is valid; and
The Executor appointed in the Will has the authority to c

Estate Administration

Administering an Estate refers the process by which an Executor will call in assets of the estate, deal with its’ liabilities and make distributions to beneficiaries of the Will.

The Executor’s

Making a Will

Everyone over the age of 18 years should have a legal Will, particularly where you have property and possessions to gift after your death and where you have responsibility for providing for others.

Updating Your Will

Once you’ve taken the time and made the effort to document your Will it’s important that you regularly review it to ensure that it remains current, and that changes in your life are reflected in y

Power of Attorney

It’s important to have someone you trust take control of your financial affairs when you are no longer able to do so. This is called a Power of Attorney.

A Power of Attorney is a legal document w

Enduring Guardianship

Most of us focus on planning for what happens to our property and possessions after we die by putting in place a Will and appointing a Power of Attorney. But what happens to us whilst we are still ali

Advanced Health Care Directive

People typically think about Wills as something which applies only after their death. But an Advanced Healthcare Directive, or Living Will, is something which has effect whilst you are still alive and

Digital Legacy

The explosion of social media and online dealings have exploded in recent years and so dealing with your online accounts when you’re no longer here is a relatively new phenomenon.

Just stop and t

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