A Will – An Essential Tool For Your Business

A will is often viewed as important for the distribution of personal assets. However, many business owners or company directors often overlook the critical nature of a will to the ongoing success of t

Family Law and the Family Farm

The breakdown of a marriage is ordinarily devastating on many fronts but it has special consequences when it involves an intergenerational family business such as the family farm.
A typical farming b

Tradie’s, Farmers and Family Business owners – this is for you

Many families are increasingly using more complex structures such as partnerships, companies and trusts to manage and protect their wealth often as part of succession planning for their children’s f

Know Your Executor

Every person making a Will should nominate an Executor. The Executor must carry out your wishes that you set out in your Will.
Amongst the duties the Executor must:
1. Attend to your funeral arrange

Is an Anti-Discrimination Claim Going to Sink You?

General damages are now a significant component for damages awarded by a Court.
In July 2014 the Full Court of the Federal Court of Australia held that an award of $18,000.00 which had been made by a

Will You Pay The Tax Man Twice When Separating?

If you have:

– A house;
– A car, boat or caravan;
– Superannuation;
– Shares; or
– A business

The answer is ‘yes’ if you don’t get the right advice.

Many people are unaware that the simpl

5 Top Tips for Negotiating Parenting Agreements after Separation

A relationship breakdown often creates a highly emotionally charged environment, but throw your children into the mix it can become downright volatile. In these circumstances, a lack of objectivity ca

Shared Parenting – The Myths and the Reality

Shared parenting is emerging as the better option for co-parenting children with the Courts moving away from the alternate weekend “visitation” schedule.

There are myths and realities to shared

Are You Separated But Just Don’t Know it?

In a recent case, the husband’s Application for Divorce filed in December claiming that he and his wife had separated 18 months earlier when he moved out of the home was refused.  His wife had fil

Do Parenting Arrangements Affect Your Property Entitlements?

Well the short answer is yes.

In most relationships there is a division of roles, duties and responsibilities.  Parties choose to live in a way which will advance their interests either individual

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