Separation is defined under Australian Family Law as the ending of a marriage or a de facto relationship and is not to be confused with divorce.

The law does not require you to register your separa

Same Sex Couples

Couples in same sex relationships are entitled to the same protections as heterosexual couples and their families under Australian Law and are recognised in the same way de facto relationships are. Fu

Domestic Violence

There is no excuse for domestic violence and family violence and yet it is far more common than you might think.

Domestic violence refers to acts of violence that occur in domestic setting between

Divorce Process

In legal terms divorce is the formal ending of a marriage. What confuses many people is that they associate this word “divorce” with all the other things that need to be done when couples separate

De facto Relationships

Australian family law makes provision for different relationship types, including de facto relationships. A de facto relationship is a relationship between two adults of the opposite or same sex who l

Property & Financial Settlements

Property and financial settlements decide how both you and your former spouse are to divide up your property, finances and debts following separation.

Under Australian family law property includes

The Settlement Process

The property settlement process can be a lengthy one, largely dependant on both yours and your former partners ability to negotiate and agree on property and financial matters. Under Australian family

Spousal Maintenance

When a marriage or de-facto relationship breaks down it is quite common the individual financial circumstances of you and your former spouse will differ. Whilst property and financial settlements focu

Child Support

Under child support legislation in Australia the primary carer of the child/children can make a claim for child support from the other parent.

The Child Support Agency is responsible assessing the

Consent Orders

Where both you and your former partner can reach agreement on the parenting arrangements for your children, the Family Court can make orders by consent.

The Court will assess your agreement to sati

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