Contracts & Agreements

As soon as you commence your business entering into contracts and agreements with third parties will be almost unavoidable. And whilst many of us would like to operate on ‘handshake’ arrangements,

Debt Collection

Every business will face this eventually. You’ve provided your product or service in good faith and then the customer doesn’t pay. Now it’s up to you to recover the outstanding monies.

To do

Commercial Litigation

When disputes arise in a business it is not always possible to find a resolution suitable to all the parties involved. And where disputes are unable to be resolved by negotiation it is likely they wil

Business Health Review

Businesses evolve so quickly. The clients and customers you serve will change, your offering will change, suppliers, employees, systems and processes will change, and of course the environment within

Selling a Business

You’ve invested a lot of yourself in your business and now it’s time to reap the reward for all that hard work. You’ve decided to sell your business.

Selling a business is significantly more

Closing a Business

The decision to close a business is often one which you will have laboured over for some time. But the process of closing your business can take some time and it is important that you approach the clo

Succession Planning

A succession plan is really an exit strategy by another name. A well thought out and constructed succession plan will identify a range of likely scenarios and map out a plan of attack to exit your bus

Workforce Solutions

One of the best ways to grow your business is to employ others to help you service your growing customer base. By leveraging the skills of your employees you’re able to accelerate your growth.


Mergers & Acquisitions

As your business grows there may be opportunity for you to accelerate growth through either a merger or an acquisition, whether that be by looking to merge with or acquire businesses which are competi

Intellectual Property Protection

It is quite common for a business to either establish with a view to commercialising an original idea, or the business will develop concepts or processes to streamline the production and delivery aspe

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